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Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure


they look similar~ aww… I love these couple. Canon

WHAA?? They look like they are them! Except the guy has brown eyes when Takato has red.

K! I started two shows this week Chasing Life and The Fosters! Sadly Chasing Life had only 7 episode available yet and I watched them all in one day. But it was a great watch! Only thing that “kinda” disturbed me was April’s crying wasn’t so convincing to me but what the hell! So since I had no more eps to watch I decided to start The Fosters. Which I loved! It’s just so good I ma be watching it all the time! I’m currently on ep 2 going to 3!

If you need some drama show in your watch list then The Fosters is definitely recommended! Chasing Life is great too, just not as powerful but it has much potential to become great. Personal opinion.

There’s a minor spoiler on the rest for Witches of East End.

Also, I had started watching Witches of East End the previous season but it turned out to be stupid show for me at least. I never really liked it even on the first season though I was just giving it chances to see if it becomes any better but the —-> SPOILER octopus s/x was just too weird and annoying.<—- END SPOILER.


Chasing Life’s TV show theme song - Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Started this show this Tuesday! It’s great! Recommended!








Reblogging because I did the thing.

lol omg I did it tooo

Is he moving the gun?? D:

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recuerdos, hermosos recuerdos


recuerdos, hermosos recuerdos

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Lillymon and Mimi &lt;3 on &lt;a href=”http://weheartit.com/entry/126066498?utm_campaign=share&amp;utm_medium=image_share&amp;utm_source=tumblr”&gt;We Heart It.


Lillymon and Mimi <3 on <a href=”http://weheartit.com/entry/126066498?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=image_share&utm_source=tumblr”>We Heart It.

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Digimon Frontier coloring book pages 11-20.

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Digimon Meme - 8/12

The Ultimate Clash

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Digimon Meme - 4/12 Episodes

The Battle for Earth